The Satromizer in action

Introducing the Satromizer for iPhone™, the world's first multitouch glitch tool.

The Satromizer takes its name from Chicago new media artist Jon Satrom, who frequently employs glitches in his work. I've created many versions of the Satromizer with Jon over the years, but this one is special... The responsiveness and tactility of the multitouch interface make this my favorite version yet.

To use the Satromizer, simply touch the screen where you want to add a glitch. You can use multiple fingers to glitch more than one area at a time. To reset the image, just double tap. To load new images, tap the info button. You can load in images from your Photo Library, take a new photo with the Camera, or save your current glitch to the Photo Library.

Adjust the JPEG compression level with the slider to experiment with different looks. Lower JPEG quality levels glitch faster and easier, and higher settings create more stripe and offset patterns.

The Satromizer is a unique artware for the iPhone™ and iPod® Touch, available exclusively from the iTunes App Store.

For support, don't hesitate to contact us! The Satromizer is available from the iTunes App Store.

Check out the future:

If you're on an iPhone™ or iPod®, watch the Satromizer video on YouTube or QuickTime

Recent additions to the Satromizer flickr group
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